After 8 years we're closing our doors... for the foreseeable future..

Sadly due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has been increasingly difficult to purchase large quantities of M:tG boxes to full-fill our needs. WotC has favored certain companies with mass deliveries, all but guaranteed before sets hit selves and leaving small stores like the one backing this operation with peanuts. We simply can't order the mass quantities we we're able to prior to the pandemic

With our current subscriber-base we required 30-50 cases per shipment every 2/3 weeks, roughly 300 boxes or 10K+ packs of magic delivered. We're extremely proud of all of the efforts and accomplishments we've made through the lifetime of this company growing a stronger and better Magic Community.

We're working on making deeper partnerships and brain-storming on a different subscription model that will make the rising costs of running such a business more feasible.

This notice took effect January 1 2022; all active subscribers at that time received a full refund. No other subscriptions will be accepted and will equally receive a full refund.

We have plans to sell off our entire stock at-cost to our subscribers in the near-future please look out for an email.

To all of our 15,876 loyal and awesome subscribers over the years we love you and thank you for the support you've give to the FC family.

— FantasyCrate Team